Child and Family Teaming Regional Training Series: Overview, Skills and Practice for Child and Family Teaming in Action, Facilitation

This two and a half day series of training is intended for participants who participate in Child and Family Teaming (CFT) in various roles.

Day 1
Half day training PM
Child and Family Teaming Overview
Child and Family Teams are central to the success of the Continuum of Care Reform efforts and the well-being of the children, youth and families served by public agencies and their partners. This course is an overview of the Child and Family Teaming Model and is designed to provide key agencies and their partner a common foundation from which to work.

Topics include:
  • The intent of teaming and its benefit to children, youth, families and communities in relation to the Continuum of Care Reform
  • Foundational standards for creating an effective Child and Family Team
  • Information around the importance of shared responsibility within a family driven approach
  • The importance of each role within the Child and Family Team model
  • How to develop working partnerships (with families) and between systems that are essential to Child and Family Teaming

At the end of this course, participants will be oriented to the Child and Family Teaming model, understand the key role that they play in its success and value the voice and choice of all involved, especially the child, youth and families.

Day 2
Full day training
Skills and Practice for Child and Family Teaming in Action

This course focuses on practicing and developing skills for creating and participating in the Child and Family Teaming process. This workshop will provide an interactive and hands on learning environment where participants will demonstrate and apply actions for child and family teaming. This session is designed for those who are anticipated to be regular attendees at Child and Family Teams.

Topics include:
  • The process of team formation including specific role functions within child and family team meetings
  • How to build an individualized child and family team through vignette and reality based role play.
  • Team plan formation including preparation for meetings, what happens during the Child and Family Team meetings and post meetings instruction.
  • Discussion around team based, strength based, needs focused and child and family driven teaming.
  • How to produce a collaborative built plan focused on safety, including permanency and well-being
  • Comparison of effective vs not so effective child and family team planning

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to interact and optimize child and family teaming as a structure to support safety, permanence and well-being. The session will also ensure that each team member understands his or her role and the importance of respecting the roles of others.

Day 3
Full day training
Child and Family Teaming Facilitation
This workshop focuses on building facilitation skills to enable more effective teaming. The importance of teaming is now widely recognized across systems. As such, some people have taken introductory facilitation skills training. This workshop will briefly review those foundational skills, with a focus on more advanced facilitation techniques.

Topics include
  • Steps in the facilitation process
  • Fundamental tools necessary for good facilitation
  • Advanced skills necessary to facilitate child and family teams
  • How to facilitate teams through the difficult challenges of different agendas, times of apparent "stagnation," differing views and conflict by using conflict management skills needed for advancing team process
  • How to be aware of the needs of each individual team member and value his/her perspective.

Upon completion of this training, participants will have a foundational understanding of the child and family team process and strategies for implementing and facilitating a child and family team.
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