Child and Family Teaming Facilitation

This workshop focuses on building facilitation skills to enable more effective teaming. The importance of teaming is now widely recognized across systems. As such, some people have taken introductory facilitation skills training. This workshop will briefly review those foundational skills, with a focus on more advanced facilitation techniques.

Topics include:
  • Steps in the facilitation process
  • Fundamental tools necessary for good facilitation
  • Advanced skills necessary to facilitate child and family teams
  • How to facilitate teams through the difficult challenges of different agendas, times of apparent "stagnation," differing views and conflict by using conflict management skills needed for advancing team process
  • How to be aware of the needs of each individual team member and value his/her perspective.

Upon completion of this training, participants will have a foundational understanding of the child and family team process and strategies for implementing and facilitating a child and family team.
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