Child and Family Teaming Advanced Facilitation

Facilitation is a skill. When done correctly, a facilitator can guide a group of people through a process of trust building, recognizing common ground, attending to multiple agendas, respecting each other’s voice and ultimately establishing a cohesive team with shared responsibility, accountability and one integrated plan. When not done well, it can perpetuate a sense of hopelessness, poor planning, and agencies, children and families feeling isolated and ineffective. This course is designed to take a person with basic facilitation skills through simulation trainings that will build his/her ability to maximize the teaming process and establish a safe and effective arena to support families and children.

Topics Include
• Advanced skills for facilitation in a CFT process specific to specialized circumstances like engagement, trust building and managing confidentiality
• Personal assessment of necessary skills, characteristics and abilities for advanced team facilitation
• Steps and tasks of the facilitation process to manage conflict, differences and other specialized items such as team splitting, lack of participation, and others
• Managing team dynamics to promote engagement, trust and cohesion

By the completion of this course, participants will understand the significance of the facilitator role, have practiced advanced facilitation skills and developed expertise to effectively develop a team and move a team through a child and family team process.
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