Pre-Requisite: The intended audience for this training is selected Case Review staff across California. This training requires that registrants complete the online training certification prior to attending this four-day Case Review training. Participants must meet the pre-requisite.

Goals of Training:

  1. The participant will understand the fundamentals, purpose and roles of the Case Review process.
  2. The participant will be able to review case files (electronic and paper) and use the information to accurately complete the Case Review tool.
  3. The participant will understand the purpose and responsibility of conducting case review interviews.
  4. The participant will be able to enter Case Review data into Online Monitoring System.
  5. The participant will have an introductory understanding of how to take the information gained from the Case Review and report their findings in a way that child welfare leaders can understand and respond to.

Visit the following hyperlink to learn how to become online temporarily certified:

Online Temporary Reviewer Certification. Details are as follows:

  1. Select How to Become Online Temporary Certified for directions on the certification proce
  2. Select Step 1: Log into the CFSR portal or create an account here to fill out the form to request a Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) Information Portal log-i
    1. A CFSR Portal log-in is required to take the 80-question online temporary certification test after module 3.
    2. A log-in request can take up to two weeks to process. Prospective attendees should request their portal log-in from JBS as soon as possible
  3. Participants can complete modules 1-3 prior to receiving their log-in. Once granted a log-in, they can complete the 80-question quiz.
    1. Please ensure that you complete the 80-question quiz after module 3 and before moving onto module 4. 
    2. Please note completing module 1-3 and passing the 80-question quiz is required for online certification test. Additional completion of module 4 with the 25-question quiz is optional.
    3. Once the participant signs in with their log-in and completes module 3, an icon to take the 80-question quiz will populate on their screen
  4. A week after passing the 80-question certification test, JBS will email the participant their temporary certificate.
    1. Participants must send their temporary certificate to CDSS ( prior to the last day of registration.
    2. To check the status of your CFSR portal log-in and/or certificate, please contact CFSR portal vendor, JBS, at or 1-888-667-0855.

Required Coaching Calls (following 4-Day Case Review Training)

This three part series of coaching calls/webinars is designed to support participants who have participated in the CSFR Federal Case Review training on September 17 – 20, 2019.  These coaching calls will help to increase their understanding and accuracy around the ongoing use of the Case Review tool and the California Child and Family Services Review (C-CFSR) process.

By participating in these coaching calls, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on and debrief experiences in using the case review tool since the initial training
  • Troubleshoot challenges encountered during case reviews
  • Pose questions to both the coach and participants
  • Listen and Learn from others

These coaching sessions are intended to further participants’ skills and competence in conducting the CFSR case review process.  The agenda will be structured to allow for a great deal of interaction.  Please come prepared to share your experiences, both successes and challenges, in using the case review tool.

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