CDSS Specialized/Advanced Trainings: Data Slam

This follow-up session to Advanced Analytics for Child Welfare Administration includes a brief review of the main themes covered in the initial session, and an overview of what's new on the UC Berkeley and Chapin Hall child welfare data dynamic websites. The focus is primarily on a new approach to extracting and using county-specific data-known as the "data slam."

The data slam will allow participants to:

  • Work in county groups, with guidance from the instructors, to develop a current data profile using information pulled from the dynamic website and supplemented with information from the County Self-Assessment (CSA)
  • Develop a narrative using the data to highlight recent trends and to focus on opportunities for innovation or improvements
  • Develop a brief narrative highlighting their findings
  • Engage with the instructor on comments, questions, ideas and feedback

This session will enhance skills to effectively communicate data trends and intervention strategies to stakeholders, such as a board of supervisors, philanthropic foundations and community partners.

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