CDSS: SOP Foundational

Safety organized practice (SOP) seeks to form a constructive, purposeful focus among all the stakeholders involved with children and families by generating a clear, shared understanding of the problems facing that family and a straightforward vision of what future safety for the children needs to look like. SOP's use of methods, including appreciative inquiry, cultural humility, solution-focused therapy and motivational interviewing, when integrated with the reliability and validity of the Structured Decision Making tools, create a powerful and deepened approach to child welfare practice.

After attending this foundational training, successful participants will be able to:

  • Use the three questions during a safety mapping process with families to help get all family members on the same page regarding worries and what has worked well
  • Use the Three Houses tool to incorporate the use of the child’s voice
  • Create danger statements and safety goals to help reach shared agreement about why CPS is involved
  • Use safety circles to help build a network of support
  • Create meaningful safety plans with families

Further, successful participants will understand how the development of good working relationships with families and the creation of detailed plans for enhancing safety will allow for rigorous and thorough case work practice.

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