Case Management Engaging and Coaching for Change

This workshop introduces and refreshes participant knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to implement strength-based case management. Participants will focus on facilitating a client’s recognition and use of individual and family assets, and strengths, and working with a client and family to maximize the potential for success. This workshop will help participants recognize different types of strengths that can facilitate positive change in families as well as challenges that could be a barrier to their success. This workshop will also identify the stages of change. Participants will learn coaching strategies and skills to help individuals move through the stages of change to achieve long lasting change.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the principles and key elements of Strengths-Based Case Management & Assessment (SBCM) practice and family-focus
  • Utilizing multiple assessment strategies to assess family strengths, resources, and identify needs
  • Interpreting assessment outcomes and apply them to case planning
  • Identifying the Stages of Change and the skills to best address each stage
  • Learning coaching strategies and skills
  • Practicing and applying coaching skills to different case scenarios
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