CANS Implementation and Practice Summit

  • The CANS, ICPM/CPM, SOP, CFTs Implementation and Practice Summit aims to provide an opportunity for all partners to access technical assistance and resources.  Examine strategies for how SOP aligns and supports the completion of CANS, the facilitation of CFTs, and is supported by the ICPM/CPM, providing a strong foundation for child welfare practice.

    Goals for the Summit:

  • Recognize how CANS, ICPM/CPM leadership behaviors, SOP, and CFTs align together for the goal of improving child and family outcomes
  • Demonstrate examples and strategies for cross-systems implementation and practice of CANS, CFTs, ICPM and SOP
  • Identify and share resources to support implementation and ongoing strategies for full implementation
  • Learn about training and coaching opportunities
  • Learn about how CARES will support documentation of CANS
Course Code