CalOAR Phase 1: Sanction and Exempt-Volunteer Re-Engagement Strategies for Case Managers

With the implementation of CW 2.0 and CalOAR measures, case managers have the opportunity to rethink on how they re-engage the sanction and exemption households. Before, the focus was on E2Lite cases and now with CalOAR Phase 1 measure of re-engagement numbers all cases are equally important.

In this course we will explore what strategies have worked for the instructor, as well as, solicit new ideas from the trainees on how they may best re-engage their participants within the opportunities and challenges of their unique counties.

Topics Include:
  • Use critical thinking skills to best cure sanctions and re-engage non-medically exempt volunteers.
  • Apply neuromarketing principles and basic sales techniques during re-engagement
  • Use the suggested re-engagement suggestions to come up with their own marketing plan via flyers and appointment letter verbiage.
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