Building Morale During Change

This workshop builds morale for individuals and teams experiencing the challenges and stressors of change with knowledge, tools, and skills to move forward optimistically and successfully. Participants will focus on interpersonal communication and relationships with co-workers, supervisors and subordinates. Participants will also learn how to respectful evaluate event and communication to positively respond during times of change. They will gain understanding about stress, emotions, empathy, and trust toward staff unity and productivity. As a result of this course, participants will be equipped for encouraging, motivating, and managing themselves during change.

Topics Include:

  • Awakening perspectives to increase understanding on how perspectives get in the way of objectivity
  • Studying five maps on change that will help in negotiation for stabilizing change
  • Learning the vital importance of emotions and how they help with processing change an
  • Recognizing and processing stressors toward health and well-being
  • Discovering the power of relationships to help or hinder relationships and ways to be renewed through positive-people connections
  • Using the power of emotional/ social/ relational to build empathy and trust in community and teams
  • Understanding the matrix of productivity and well-being for setting boundaries and goals for success
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