Beyond Policy and Procedure: Demystifying the ACL (Analyst 4)

In today’s environment, the flow of incoming All County Letters (ACLs), All County Information Notices (ACINs), County Fiscal Letters (CFLs) and other policy documents is steady, and at times overwhelming. It seems there is barely time to read and understand them, let alone find the hidden potential that lies within. Having a system for reading, reviewing and interpreting these documents, and, then, turning them into concise instruction for all affected parties in your organization can prove invaluable.

This course will provide participants with the opportunity to explore and practice a process for systematic review of state letters (and other policy documents). This will unlock their secrets and result in thorough and well-planned implementations.

Topics include:

  • Understanding political implications; implications to customers, community and clients; and the impact on business processes hidden within the documents
  • Understanding not only what is written, but the potential to improve processes while implementing changes
  • Learn to use and apply a step-by-step process for thorough analysis
  • Identify all relevant components of changes/new policy
  • Understand overall needs of the organization
  • Identify when policy is set and when it needs to be defined
  • Understand political ramifications
  • Understand the needs of intended audiences
  • Develop a plan for recommendations or implementation
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