Facilitating the development of case plans that are customized, behavior-focused and family-centered requires skill and expertise in applying SOP strategies, utilizing SDM assessment tools, and writing and developing behavioral objectives. This training will focus on engaging families in behavioral case plans by blending these interrelated strategies throughout the flow of practice.


After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Develop two strategies that engage families in case planning.
  • Value and understand the importance of assessing for behavioral change before developing services that help families make those changes.
  • Develop two questions to ask families that are solution focused and effectively communicate the behavioral details.
  • Write a SMART objective.
  • Develop case plans that are built on the consultation and information sharing framework and focus on the safety goal.

Consistent with the flow of case work, once participants have developed a behavioral case plan, they will practice incorporating that plan into CWS/CMS.

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