Anti-Racist Practice for Wraparound Leaders

Racism is engrained in American society and its systems. In order to empower communities of color who use the human services, children’s services and Wraparound systems, stakeholders and their teams must have an understanding of how these practices are used against the marginalized, how language perpetuates racism, and how self-examination can expose our own biases so we can do the work needed to confront it in ourselves. The purpose of this practicum is to expose and examine the harm racism and racist practices impose upon communities of color, specifically Black Americans. The goal is to create an environment of understanding instead of tolerance, equity and equality, so the systems of care can be welcoming to those communities that would otherwise distrust these systems which exist to help them move toward self-sufficiency, permanency and a whole, healthy family.

By the end of this practicum, participants will:

  • Learn to recognize their own biases and confront them
  • Explore and develop an understanding of White Fragility
  • Explore and develop an understanding of Colorism
  • Explore and understand Implicit and explicit bias
  • Understand how language perpetuates and empowers racism
  • Learn tools to practice equity and equality in the professional setting

This six-session practicum is designed to help leaders (directors, program managers and supervisors) respond to conscious and unconscious behaviors that contribute to racism, both within themselves and with staff. Readings and other homework will be assigned between classes; this learning experience will push participants beyond learning about racism and into the intentional work of anti-racism.

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