During this highly engaging and captivating skill-building session, participants will review characteristics of common mental health disorders to better understand challenges and problem-solve solutions when working with clients with mental health issues. This workshop will explore the concept of aging and long-term chronic care with a basic understanding of the aging process that will enhance participants’ ability to perform investigations and make appropriate evaluations. Participants will explore behaviors associated with complex and challenging mental health, dementia or other neurological conditions to include aggression, wandering and agitation. As a result of this workshop, participants will have a working knowledge of the mental health disorders of aging, a familiarity with psychosocial assessments and assessing for capacity enabling them to better serve elderly clients in the field.

Topics include:

  • Exploring the concept of aging and long-term chronic care
  • Reviewing mental health issues as they pertain to provision of services, planning, needs assessment, treatment, program evaluation and financing
  • Analyzing mental health, cognitive issues and psychological changes caused by aging and its effects on body systems
  • Examining the continuum of long-term care services in relation to aging and the nature of chronic illness
  • Discussing psychosocial assessments of aging adults
  • Understanding services with relationship to the aging adults support system
  • Evaluating the challenges of dependency and the daily challenges and obstacles older adults face
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