The Agency Leader as a Trainer, Coach and Mentor

Agency leaders conduct training reinforcement that takes place in organizations daily. This workshop will assist participants in sharpening their skills to enhance staff performance by integrating training in their leadership tasks and responsibilities. Participants will learn ways to partner with designated training personnel to reinforce knowledge, attitudes and skills in informal settings, and ways that on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring relates to productivity, job satisfaction, and job retention.

Topics Include:

  • Creating and maintaining a positive, safe, and engaging learning environment
  • Identifying roles, goals and behaviors of Agency Leaders as Partners
  • Applying Adult Learning Concepts when training, coaching & mentoring staff
  • Experiencing the Value of Strategies that support diverse learning styles
  • Enhancing Transfer of Training (TOT) through supportive coaching & mentoring practices
  • Promoting Attention> Retention> Transfer Of Training
  • Exploring Self-Care as an antidote for challenges in the Field of Human Services
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