Advancing Permanency Through Adoptions - Module 1

This series is foundational training designed to prepare child welfare social workers, supervisors and program managers for their new role in providing pre- and post-adoption services to children and families. It is based on the Adoption Competency Curriculum developed by the National Resource Center for Adoptions, with the goal of advancing permanency for waiting children/youth in the child welfare system through adoption. 

Module 1 (two days) will cover federal laws and policies impacting adoption placement, child and youth assessment and preparation, and family assessment and preparation. Home study requirements, concurrent planning, developmental issues for adopted children and finalization requirements will also be discussed. This course will not cover home studies in depth, but a specialized Home Study course through SAFE training can be offered in the near future if requested by counties. 

The modules in this series are described in detail on their respective web listing pages. You must enroll in each module separately: 

  • Module 1 (two days) 
  • Module 2 (two days) Writing the 366.26 Selection & Implementation Hearing Report
  • Module 3 (Webinar) Race and Culture in Relation to Adoptions Permanency: Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and Multi-Ethnic Placement Act (MEPA)
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