Advanced Training for Trainers: The Magic Mirror

The “Magic Mirror” is a professional staff development opportunity for a small group of trainers and leaders who have been hand selected to receive honest, authentic feedback and coaching on their presentation and delivery style. This session provides a technique for personal and professional reflection looking in the Magic Mirror. Self-assessment tools, professional presentation tips, along with instructor and peer feedback provide the direct instruction for the course. The majority of the instructional time is dedicated to each participant delivering on camera a short, prepared portion of content, viewing the replay, and then participating in a strengths-based, supportive feedback conversation.

Topics include:

  • Discovering the benefits of seeing themselves as others see them while presenting
  • Receiving honest and supportive feedback from peers and the instructor
  • Considering which voice and body gestures and poses they choose to accentuate, and which they choose to modify/ delete
  • Adapting and adopting each other’s strengths and any self-identified opportunities for improvement
  • Reviewing strategies for calming common public presentation fears
  • Documenting a plan of action for modifying delivery style based reflections of the experience
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