Advanced SOP: Mapping for Safety Using the Consultation and Information Sharing Framework

This one-day training offers participants an opportunity to practice and improve their skills in safety mapping with families. 

Throughout the workshop, participants will: 

  • Learn skills on orientating families to the safety mapping process and purpose 
  • Practice the skillful use of the three questions and solution-focused questions in a way that results in a balanced assessment 
  • Learn facilitation skills that enhance partnership and collaboration with families and their safety networks 
  • Practice creating danger statements that provide clarity to everyone involved about the danger that needs to be avoided in the future 
  • Learn to create safety goals that clearly define what the family will be doing differently for the child to be safe in the future 
  • Look at ways of developing action steps that get the family from the danger statement to the safety goal 
  • Use structured decision making (SDM) tools to ensure that the right questions are asked and that consistent thresholds are being held at critical decision making points in the work 

After attending this training, successful participants will be able to confidently use the safety mapping process with families in the field. Further, participants will understand how safety mapping is not a form or a single event, but rather a facilitated conversation and process that happens throughout the life of a case.

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