Advanced SOP: Integrating the Child's Perspective: Three Houses and Safety House Tools

Prerequisite: Completion of the SOP Foundational Institute is required prior to attending this training.

Designed to help bring the voice of children and young people into child protection and social services work, the Three Houses information tool and the Safety House tool have had international success and are used worldwide. The Three Houses is an effective tool designed to involve children and young people in the child welfare planning and assessment process. The Safety House is a tool that brings the child’s voice into the process of safety planning. Social workers can use the Safety House tool to help elicit the child’s views on what specifically needs to be happening in their families to ensure that they are kept safe.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Explain the key thinking, theory and questions that support the tools 
  • Apply the tools for children and young people 
  • Apply the tools for adults by looking at values and beliefs linked to parenting 
  • Describe how the tools contribute to worker assessment and planning 
  • Identify factors that contribute to "danger and harm" 
  • Identify factors that support people and build safety 
  • Describe best-practice principles when talking with children 

This hands-on, skills-based class will offer participants advanced training in the use of the Three Houses and the Safety House tools.

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