Advanced SOP: Harm and Danger, Safety Goals

Prerequisite: Completion of the SOP Foundational training is required prior to attending this training.

Harm and danger statements are utilized to ensure that everyone (i.e., the agency, the family and the safety network) are all in agreement regarding why CPS is involved with a family. The safety goal is a concrete description of the positive changes CPS must observe in a family to close the case.

At the end of this class session, participants will be able to:

  • Develop clear harm and danger statements
  • Develop safety goals
  • Incorporate harm and danger statements and safety goals into child welfare practice with families and their support networks, in court reports, case plans, family facilitated meetings, TDMs and in their work with community partners

These deceptively simple statements and goals take some time to construct, but once made, can be shared with family members, community partners, court officials and anyone interested in supporting the safety of the children involved in the case. 

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