Advanced Court Report Writing

The focus of this class is improving the writing skills of social workers specifically as related to reporting to the Juvenile Court. The class will include discussion, individual and group exercises and some lecture. Writing is not something that comes easy for everyone even those who are experienced writers. We will discuss how to overcome personal challenges in writing and become more confident about your writing ability.

Exercises are structured around the statutory hearings (Welfare and Institutions Code) and the requirements of each hearing and making recommendations to the court.

We will discuss:

  • How the court report relates to child protection
  • Using the court report to educate as well as inform your Judge
  • The essential elements of good writing, e.g., composition, tone, organizing material from multiple sources, writing to different audiences
  • Types of writing
  • The significance of professional writing

The goal of the class is to help each participant write more thoughtfully, with a better understanding of the law and expectations of the court, with more appreciation about the audiences which his/her writing must reach, and leave the class with greater confidence in his/her writing skills.

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