RFA Academy Part 2 (Virtual Training)

The Resource Family Approval (RFA) Academy is a four-day training for county staff who will be implementing or using the RFA process. The training provides an overview of RFA and Continuum of Care Reform (CCR). The training will also focus on providing a unified, family-friendly, child-centered RFA process to replace the previously multiple processes for licensing foster family homes and approving relatives and non-relative extended family members as foster care providers, and approving families for legal guardianship or adoption. The following key content areas will be addressed:


  • Overview of RFA and CCR
  • Application Requirements
  • Assessing the Resource Family
  • Comprehensive Assessment Components
  • Child Trauma
  • Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standards
  • Quality Parenting Initiative
  • Pre-Approval Process / Emergency Placement
  • The Written Assessment
  • Approving the Resource Family
  • Relative/NREFM Families Out of County/Jurisdiction
  • Post Approval
  • Post Approval Training
  • Child’s Personal Rights
  • Complaint Process
  • Administrative Actions
  • Statement of Facts
  • Practicing Cultural Humility
  • Teaming & Collaboration


There is also an eLearning that must be completed separately and is self-enrolling. The purpose of this eLearning course is to provide county staff, adoption and foster family agency staff, probation staff, community partners and families with an overview of the RFA Program. This eLearning will cover the paradigm shift of RFA, the history of RFA, how RFA fits into the larger picture of the work California is doing across systems, how culture, bias, teaming, and trauma relate to RFA, and an overview of the Written Directives that guide the legal requirements of RFA.

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