Analyst Series 2 – Hands-on Application

Analyst Series 2 – Hands-on Application solidifies the foundation needed for analysts to be successful in their position. Analysts will develop tangible, in-demand skills by working on their current projects throughout the modules. Content will focus on the necessary people skills analysts need to thrive in their roles and add  measurable value to every product. 

Module1: Data Analysis and Reporting 

Building on the foundational competencies that analysts bring to their work, this course will utilize “real world” government-based topics to connect analytical thinking, research and problem-solving skills. 

Participants will: 

  • Understand basic report concepts
  • Identify potential audiences and how each might use the report/reports
  • Identify important ideas and concepts to include
  • Understand how to format data for optimal use by end users/audiences
  • Learn how to re-purpose report content for different audiences
  • Learn to define issues and problems; simplifying complex problems or topics

Module 2: Written Communication Skills 

One of the most important keys to success in most jobs is the ability to communicate effectively in writing. This course will offer participants opportunities to get feedback on their written communication and learn elements of professional writing that will enhance their effectiveness. Participants will be invited to bring exhibits of their written work to use as samples and for practice exercises. To make the experience meaningful, participants will be asked to come with a 3-5 page work assignment that they are tasked with completing to use as the culminating task.

Participants will: 

  • Define why we write
  • Identify our audiences
  • Understand what to include
  • Explore writing formats – including agendas
  • Understand how to write effectively in a business environment

Module3: Presentation Skills 

Analysts are often called upon to present their work to a variety of audiences. This is a two-day course, intended to facilitate the development of professional presentation skills, using both direct instruction, written exercises and practice opportunities. Participants will provide and receive feedback from classmates on their presentation abilities.

Participants will:

  • Prepare and deliver better presentations
  • Write purposeful presentations
  • Engage an audience and keep them interested
  • Identify and use verbal and non-verbal elements of effective delivery style
  • Overcome common presentation blunders
  • Control nerves, presentation jitters, improve confidence
  • Provide and receive feedback from classmates on their presentation skills
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Section Notes

Fee Details: The program enrollment fee is .21TUs (training units) per person for those utilizing their county contract, or $900 per person. The fee for this program includes soft-copy materials.

Training Format: This program will be offered via remote learning using Zoom. Login information will be provided after your enrollment is processed. 

Enrollment Policies

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