Frequently Asked Questions

Does the RCFFP only work with counties in California?
The RCFFP is funded to work with counties and agencies in California. Work outside of California would require individual contracts.

Do you provide services for one-stop shops?
One-stop shops are often an approach to integrated human services. We provide training, facilitation and consultation to assist your one-stop shop in developing its full potential.

My child is a ward of the court. Can I work with the RCFFP to learn more about California's court and probation systems?
Your best resource for information about your county probation department is your child's probation officer. We can provide information about possible resources but it is the discretion of the department to decide which services they provide.

I have a document that would be a great resource for your online resource library. How can I get it to you?
Feel free to email your document to us as a PDF.

I am an instructor and would like to work for RCFFP. Who should I contact to discuss employment opportunities?
Contact the director of the RCFFP at (530) 752-9726 or by email.

I'd like to partner with RCFFP to create services for agencies and counties. Where do I start?
Please contact the director of the RCFFP at (530) 752-9726 or by email.