Crisis Communication and Preparation in Child Welfare Video Series


Developed in partnership between the Northern California Training Academy and Casey Family Programs, the Crisis Communication and Preparation in Child Welfare video series walks child welfare leaders through steps to take in order to be prepared before an incident occurs, including the development of a crisis communication plan, working within a political environment and creating a narrative that promotes successful solutions that will improve the safety and well-being of children and families in care.

This series includes the following videos:

  • Anatomy of a Crisis
  • Transparency and Confidentiality
  • The Crisis Tooolkit
  • An LA Case Study
  • Old and New Media
  • The Impact of Trauma
  • From Crisis to Recovery
  • Recovering from a Crisis
  • Bonus Module: The Politics of Crisis

In addition, each video will be accompanied by a comprehensive workbook that pulls out the important takeaways and highlights elements that apply more specifically to California counties and their unique challenges.

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