Custom Training and Services

Here to help agencies change, adapt and serve

We support human services professionals and agencies.

At the individual level this can mean organizing training in the technical knowledge, interpersonal skills or concepts and practices of leadership.  At the organizational level it can mean helping agencies respond to changing conditions by rethinking business processes, retooling services or preparing for changes in the workforce.

Regardless of the form of support—training, consultation, planning or research—our aim is to help agencies strengthen delivery of services.

We offer training and professional services to programs that serve vulnerable children, adults and families. This includes public and private organizations across the full spectrum of human services. Grounded in the public service tradition of the University of California, our goal is to help human service professionals provide exceptional, client-oriented and strength-based services to individuals and families in need. 

Custom Training and Services Mission

We empower human service professionals by providing them the knowledge, skills and resources to serve those most in need in their communities.