Free Training Webinars for Family Child Care Providers

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's Family Child Care at Its Best program now offers a series of online webinars for family child care providers. These short but in-depth webinars (from 15-45 minutes in length) address topics taught in the Family Child Care classes but go a bit deeper into examples, suggestions and ideas for use in family child care. 

The webinars are now available in English and Spanish.

Circles of Communication
The term “circles of communication” was developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan to draw attention to the importance of adult-child communication in the development of social, cognitive and language capabilities. This webinar suggests ways to have rich and meaningful conversations with children in the family child care setting.

Emergent Curriculum in Family Child Care
This webinar builds upon the suggestions given in the observation webinar, explaining the use of emergent curriculum planning with mixed-age groups. Strategies for building upon children’s day-to-day activities to promote learning are included.

Observation in Family Child Care: Creating Curriculum that Interests Children
The more we observe children, the more we learn about their development. At the same time, observation can inform how we develop curriculum and activities to meet their learning needs. This webinar provides a wealth of examples that link child observation to curriculum planning in family child care programs.

Intentional Teaching in Family Child Care
Intentional teaching encourages us to be goal-directed in planning and implementing learning opportunities for children. This webinar provides ideas for family child care providers in the use of both adult-guided and child-guided activities to promote learning.

Family Engagement: Promoting Family-Friendly Care (currently only in English)
Parents are their children’s first teachers. This webinar discusses the makeup of American families today, the documented benefits of parent engagement, as well as strategies for engaging parents in the family child care program.

To view the webinars:

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