APS - Online

This section lists courses that are exclusively self-guided/online APS trainings. Participants may enroll at any time after the start dates listed below and must complete the training by the end of the fiscal year.

For a full listing of courses offered by the Academy, please download our Training for APS Staff Overview document.

Courses currently scheduled and open for enrollment

Course Title Start Datesort descending Enroll
Case Closure in APS eLearning 07/02/2018
Interviewing Skills for APS Workers eLearning 07/23/2018
Risk Assessment in APS eLearning 07/23/2018
APS Case Documentation and Report Writing eLearning 07/23/2018
Working with Self-Neglecting Clients eLearning 07/23/2018
Collaboration in APS Work eLearning 07/23/2018
Involuntary Case Planning for APS Workers 07/23/2018
Substance Abuse and Mature Populations eLearning 07/23/2018
APS Worker Safety eLearning 07/23/2018
Deed Theft and Foreclosure Rescue Scams eLearning 07/23/2018
Living Trust and Annuities Scams Mini-Module eLearning 07/23/2018
The Aging Process eLearning 07/23/2018
Mental Health and APS eLearning 07/23/2018
The APS Intake Interview eLearning 07/23/2018
Elder Sexual Abuse eLearning 07/23/2018
The Revised Soc 242 – What’s New eLearning 07/23/2018
Ethics Values and Cultural Competence in APS eLearning 07/23/2018
Power of Attorney Abuses eLearning 07/23/2018
Undue Influence Committed by Professionals eLearning 07/23/2018
Caregiver or Perpetrator Neglect eLearning 07/23/2018
Financial Exploitation eLearning 07/23/2018
Responding to Physical Elder Abuse and Neglect elearning 07/23/2018
Adult Protective Services Overview eLearning 07/23/2018
Framework for Determining Dependent Adult Status eLearning 07/23/2018
Reverse Mortgage Abuse eLearning 07/23/2018
Voluntary Case Planning in APS eLearning 07/23/2018
Identity Theft Mini-Module eLearning (Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud) 07/23/2018
Physical and Developmental Disabilities eLearning 07/24/2018
Assessing APS Clients' Decision-Making Capacity eLearning 08/15/2018
California Regulations for APS eLearning 08/15/2018
Undue Influence Mini-Module eLearning 08/15/2018
Dynamics of Abusive Relationships eLearning 08/28/2018
APS Standards for Consistency in Determining Findings eLearning 08/29/2018
Client Decision Making and Capacity for APS and PG 08/29/2018
APS Assessing Client Capacity eLearning 08/31/2018
Working with the Criminal Justice System 02/07/2019

How to Enroll

Having trouble enrolling online? Download our helpful enrollment guide for a step-by-step look at the enrollment process.