Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a UC Davis staff employee. May I still teach for UC Davis Extension?
    If you are a UC Davis staff employee, you will need to obtain your supervisor's approval on the compensation agreement before we can authorize payment. Some University employees are restricted by the number of hours that they may work for another department. UC Davis Extension does not assume responsibility for monitoring employees' eligibility for additional compensation.

  2. How will I handle the logistics of the class?
    As an instructor, you may be assigned a “program manager” who will serve as your primary point of contact with UC Davis Extension. This role could be filled by a staff member with titles such as program representative, program assistant, etc. Your program manager can answer questions and is responsible for handling the logistical details of your course, including room reservations, scheduling, audiovisual equipment orders, instructor compensation forms, duplication of course materials and other tasks associated with course implementation.

  3. Where are UC Davis Extension classes held?
    UC Davis Extension classes are generally held at one of the following locations: Locally, UC Davis classes are held at one of the following locations: Orchard Park Center on the UC Davis Campus; Da Vinci Building, South Davis; Sutter Square Galleria, Sacramento, as well as other locations on campus. Some classes are held at various sites throughout the state.

  4. If I teach for UC Davis Extension, how will my class be promoted or marketed to prospective students?
    UC Davis Extension has a full-service marketing department that is responsible for representing the organization in a consistent manner for all promotional materials and publicity efforts. Every quarter, UC Davis Extension distributes 85,000 catalogs (60,000 in summer) to former students and prospective new students. In addition, most departments send out brochures targeted at specific audiences to encourage enrollment. Because of your expertise and contacts within the community, you can connect with many people who could benefit from taking your course. We encourage our instructors to work with us when we market their courses and hope they will encourage prospective students to enroll in their course and in other UC Davis Extension courses. We welcome marketing suggestions our instructors share with us.

  5. How much work will I get?
    UC Davis Extension offers courses that vary in length from several hours to several months. Instructor assignments also vary, depending upon the types of classes developed and each instructor's area of expertise.

  6. As an instructor, do I develop my own curriculum?
    Some courses require the instructor to develop the curriculum. Other courses may be standardized for groups of employees, and so the curriculum has already been developed for the instructor's use.

  7. As an instructor, how will I be paid?
    There are several ways an instructor may be paid:
    You will receive a compensation agreement for each course you teach. The agreement includes course date(s), time(s), location, and the dollar amount you will receive for instructional services.
    1. Instructors who work for UC Davis Extension more than twelve days in a calendar year are required to submit hiring paperwork and be entered into the UC Davis payroll system. You will be paid through our payroll system on a biweekly payment schedule.
    2. If you are a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation and your relationship with UC Davis Extension complies with campus and IRS independent contractor definitions, payment for your instructional services may be made to your business through our Accounts Payable department.
    3. OTHER UC DEPT – Instructors who are currently employed as Faculty/Staff at other UCD departments are already established as a UCD employee and paid via the UCD payroll system with a Compensation Agreement.

  8. I am employed by a private company, or I have my own business firm and want payment for my teaching to go to my firm. Is that possible?
    Perhaps. Request through your program manager that payment for your instructional services be made to a firm and if your relationship with UC Davis Extension complies with campus and IRS independent contractor definitions, payment may be made to the firm.

  9. If I am employed by another University of California campus, how will I receive payment when I work for UC Davis Extension?
    University of California employees paid by other campuses system-wide: Payment processing may take up to three months. The home campus initiates payment after approval by both the Davis campus and the home campus. Once payment requests are sent to the home campus, UC Davis Extension can no longer track payments. Any payment status questions will need to be directed to the home campus payroll department.

  10. If I am paid through UC Davis payroll, what deductions will I see on my paycheck?
    Checks issued through the University payroll system will show federal and state withholding and other mandatory deductions. All instructors on payroll at UC Davis are subject to a mandatory 7.5 percent pre-tax contribution to the Defined Contribution Plan in place of Social Security. You will receive more detailed information in your hiring packet.

  11. Is necessary travel reimbursed? What limits are there for travel reimbursement?
    Each UC Davis Extension department has its own policy on reimbursement for university-related expenses and travel. Please check with your program manager to see if travel or business expenses will be reimbursed before you incur any expenses.