Shelter Preparedness Your Role When Natural Disasters Arise

This workshop will provide workers in the field of Human Services with information and tools to help them know what to expect, and how to deal with the unexpected when it comes to natural disasters and community emergencies.
Public safety officials in California agree that the frequency and intensity of wildfire and other natural disasters will continue to increase in the coming years. Consequently, public sector workers will be required to fulfill their roles as Disaster Service Workers, working in evacuation shelters, assistance centers and operations centers. Participants will explore how to effectively serve clientele during these types of emergencies. After completing this workshop, participants will be able to better understand their role as a Disaster Service Worker and will effectively respond using knowledge developed through the objectives.

Topics Include:
  • Relating the basic goals and principles of a shelter worker
  • Recognizing the shelter worker’s job duties and boundaries
  • Employing techniques for assisting people with disabilities
  • Demonstrating problem-solving skills that benefit clients in an emergency
  • Diffusing difficult situations
  • Remaining calm and practicing effective self-care techniques during a disaster
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