This full-day course is designed to assist county staff on how to initiate, prepare, complete, and present county contracts, Memorandum of Understandings (MOU), and other Agreements. Participants will also learn more about Results-Based Accountability contracting and the opportunities to better utilize these principles to their county’s contracting and MOU process with other Community Partners, Contractors, and County Agencies and Departments. Participants will gain understanding of the Key Principles of Result-Based Accountability along with the need to contract, prepare documents, oversee the services associated with contracted services, and evaluating the result of contracting out services. Participants will also walk through the process of developing a contract and the Scopes of Work on an actual county contract.

Topics Include:
  • Managing county contracts effectively and efficiently from start to finish.
  • Recognizing the focus and outcome of the contract is between the County and the Contractor.
  • Understanding what Results-Based Accountability is and how it relates to successful project outcomes.
  • Identifying various types of county contracts, agreements, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and methods of soliciting contractors.
  • Discovering the importance of the “scope of work” in the contract be clear, manageable, and accountable.
  • Evaluating the importance of appropriate risk management and methods between the county and contractor.
  • Employing strategies for efficient and effective contract management including monitoring tools for positive outcomes between two or more Contractors.
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