Project Management: Project Performance Control and Closeout

Projects are separate from the normal daily tasks and responsibilities, requiring Helping Professionals to come together to focus on specific project objectives. Project Management is the beginning, planning and control of a range of tasks required to deliver theproduct.This workshop will outline and explain the project performance and control phase of the project management life cycle. Participants will identify processes that consist of the activities involved to observe the process after project implementation, identify problems and risks, and deploy a mitigation strategy to control the new process.Participants will improve skills to identify potential risks that require corrective action. The early detection of project issues allows the project team to be more proactive in mitigating risks.Participants will present their projects using the 10 Steps for Effective Presentations as a guide.

Topics Include:

  • Describing the life cycle of a project and mapping each stage of this cycle.
  • Applying the Gantt chart and other tools used to assist with project management.
  • Communicating proficiently to report project status and performance to stakeholders and contributing to organizational knowledge base.
  • Exploring the 10 Steps to Effective Presentations.
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