From the Inside – Out: Understanding your critical role in breaking down structural racism

This workshop explores how structural racism is formed, the role bias plays, how it “sticks” in our consciousness and its role in individual, institutional and structural oppression. Our implicit biases can lead to actions and decisions at odds with our intentions or explicit values, or worse – create trauma for others. It is critical for individuals to understand how implicit (or unconscious) bias works so that they can interrupt its development and improve both individual interactions and relationships, and interrupt policies and practices that perpetuate inequities within systems and institutions. Learners will discover how implicit bias and structural racism work together as an insidious and mutually reinforcing cycle to justify and perpetuate inequity.

Participants who attend this workshop will:
  • Learn to identify and describe racial trauma and understand the difference between vicarious trauma, secondary trauma, burn out and compassion fatigue
  • Identify the impact of racial and systemic oppression on marginalized communities and identify symptoms associated with racial trauma
  • Discover new strategies and ways to activate individual strengths to work in more effective, empathetic ways with clients and co-workers who have experienced or are experiencing race-based traumatic stress
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