Customized Communication: Speaking the Languages of Different Personality Styles

This workshop is ideal for all experience levels in training, facilitation, and classroom management. It focuses on mastering the fundamentals and is well-balancedin addressing both the standards, as well as practicing the skills. Participants are given the environment, space, and tools to address the challenges they face, the current limits they experience in their skill level, as well as name and address the predictable patterns we see with adult learners. Through experiential activities, reflection and discussion, participants leave equipped with practical strategies and a simple plan to take their current abilities to the next level.

Topics Include:

  • Discovering the 4 basic personality styles.
  • Learning and understanding your unique personality profile.
  • Identifying ways to adjust and adapt your natural style to connect and effectively communicate with others
  • Exploring strategies to practice speaking all 4 styles.
  • Establishing a personal action plan for growth.
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