CalWORKs 2.0: Executive Team Overview

With implementation of CW 2.0 and CalOARs, the roles of the Welfare to Work case manager and social worker are changing faster than ever. This workshop will assist the management team in shifting the county’s focus from “Work First” to “Work Focused” when working with customers in the Welfare to Work program.

This workshop blends information presented by Mathematica, CWDA, and CDSS in April and June 2019 regarding CW 2.0 concepts and CalOARS with Christine’s program experience and practical application information regarding the subject matter.

Topics include:

  • Overview of Traditional CW practices and transitioning to CW 2.0
  • Brief review of CalOARS
  • Brief review of CW 2.0 forms
  • 4 Key Components of CW 2.0 Philosophy
  • Trauma Informed Services
  • Strength-Based Engagement
  • Building Adult Capabilities in Executive Functioning
  • Participant Centered Goal Setting & Coaching
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