Another Change, Really? Keys to Effective Personal Change Management

The one constant in Human Services is that change will happen frequently. There is plenty of evidence that what we find most stressful as human beings is uncertainty, not change in itself. Very often, it is not the event, but the worry about ‘what will I do?’ that people find hard. This course is designed with self-reflection, practical skills that can be applied immediately, and discussions to elicit ideas from others on how to navigate the change process effectively.

Topics include:

  • Building awareness to self-identify where we are in the Change Curve and exploring why we resist change
  • Understanding Executive Functioning Skills Need for Change regarding stress, tolerance, flexibility, metacognition and emotional control and reviewing strategies to enhance them
  • Navigating the ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) Change Management Model and be able to effectively use it when faced with a personal resistance to change
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