Training Request Form - Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice

Thank you for your interest in obtaining training in from the Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice. As part of the Center for Human Services at UC Davis Extension, the Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice serves the multidisciplinary human services needs of organizations with an emphasis on family-centered practice. In partnership with the California Department of Social Services, the Resource Center provides research, custom and standardized training, technical support, symposia and support services with the goal of integrating practice approaches to improve outcomes for children and families.

To begin the training request process, please complete and submit this form. A specialist from the Resource Center will contact you shortly after submission to discuss your request. For questions, please call (530) 752-9726.

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Probation training is offered to specifically train probation placement officers and/or probation placement supervisors. If you have participants who are from other departments within probation, we may be able to assist you after further discussion.

Please note: Wraparound training requires approval from the California Department of Social Services.

Please note: If your agency is interested in Team Decision Making, there may be some technical assistance that is needed before training can be scheduled.

Please list all of the course titles you are interested in learning about.