About Our Programs

UC Davis Human Services Programs are comprised of several specialized programs which provide comprehensive training and services across a wide spectrum of professions, including child welfare social workers, eligibility workers, probation officers, tribal TANF case managers, mental health professionals, nurses and family childcare providers, just to name a few.

Center for Excellence in Child Development
The Center for Excellence in Child Development translates the latest research on child development into practical, hands-on techniques for childcare professionals. Courses can be taken as individual workshops or part of a complete series and are offered in multiple languages to license and license-exempt family childcare providers throughout California.

Custom Training
Human Services Custom Training is a cost-effective way to bring high-quality training directly to state, county and community-based organizations. Courses can be delivered as described or adjusted to meet the needs of training participants and sponsoring agencies. Custom training can take place at your location or a nearby conference facility to minimize your travel time and expenses.

Fiscal Academy
The Fiscal Academy is sponsored by the California Department of Social Services, in close cooperation with UC Davis Human Services (and made possible with generous contributions from the Foundation Consortium of California and the California First Five Commission). Training offered includes: Fiscal Essentials two-day training sessions and an annual fiscal forum.

Northern California Training Academy
The Northern California Training Academy is one of five regional training academies funded by the California Department of Social Services to serve vulnerable children and families. The Academy provides training, research, evaluation and consultation to child welfare professionals in 28 northern counties as well as its statewide agency partnerships.

Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice
The Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice serves the multidisciplinary human services needs of organizations with an emphasis on family-centered practice models. In partnership with the California Department of Social Services, the Resource Center provides research, training, technical assistance and support services.

Tribal TANF Professional Development Program
The Tribal TANF Professional Development Program offers tribal-specific training in case management and leadership development to Native American social services agencies throughout the U.S. The group also provides organizational development and technical assistance to address the complex and unique needs of native individuals, families and communities.