Calculating IHSS Protective Supervision Hours

Full day

This workshop gives participants practice in calculating protective supervision hours. Participants start with basic calculations (one non-severely impaired individual on IHSS residual), through intermediate calculations (shared living, alternative resources) to more advanced calculations (multiple protective supervision recipients eligible to PCSP). Participants need to bring a calculator to this workshop.

Topics include:

  • establishing 24-hour need
  • IHSS residual
  • hybrid IHSS-PCSP cases
  • definition of nonseverely and severely impaired
  • adjustments to total need
  • shared living situations
  • alternative resources
  • multiple protective supervision recipients
  • unlicensed board and care arrangements

Participants learn to calculate protective supervision hours accurately and appropriately.

Before taking this workshop, participants should take "IHSS Impairment Categories" and "Assessing the Need for Protective Supervision" if they are not already familiar with these areas.