Financial Abuse

Financial abuse of elder and dependent adults is one of the fastest growing types of abuse and one of the most prevalent protective services cases. It is often found with other types of abuse such as neglect and physical abuse. This workshop addresses the types of financial abuse, ways to investigate cases, assessment techniques, service planning and intervention. 

Topics include 

  • types of financial abuse and possible causes 
  • indicators of financial abuse 
  • legal definitions and the role of APS and law enforcement 
  • methods of investigation, including use of the internet 
  • methods of gathering evidence 
  • risk factors and assessments 
  • capacity issues and assessment of mental competency 
  • the role of undue influence and indicators of undue influence 
  • collaboration with law enforcement and legal instruments to protect assets (e.g., power of attorney) * working with the probate court * community agency collaboration 
  • mandatory bank reporting 
  • predatory lending and methods of investigation 

Upon completion of the workshop participants understand the types of financial abuse, how to conduct a comprehensive assessment and how to develop a service plan for effective intervention.